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a black and white photo of a snow globe with an image of a house in it
99 Amazing Tattoo Designs All Men Must See - TattooBlend
Snow globe by Susanne König
an octopus tattoo on the thigh
Image result for astronaut tattoo
a woman's arm with an animal and flowers tattoo on it
Susanne Konig fox tattoo
a drawing of a human heart with a sleeping fox inside it and pine trees in the background
“WALK IN SATURDAY tomorrow @salonserpenttattoo ! So excited! ”
a black and white cat with a hat on it's head is shown in this tattoo
Kitty clown done by Susanne König at Salon Serpent!
a woman's head with flowers and a ribbon around her neck is shown on the arm
1337tattoos: “Susanne König ”
a black and white photo of a woman's naked body with stars around it
a slotty sitting on the back of a woman's thigh with an animal tattoo
Susanne Konig sloth tattoo
a person with a tattoo on their arm that has a black and white image of a cat sitting on the moon
→ Susanne Konig
a woman with a tattoo on her arm is holding a fish in her right hand
One of Susanne Konig's (IG—suflanda) lovely fine-lined mermaids. #dotwork #finelined #illustrative #mermaid #Suflanda
a heart tattoo on the arm with an image of a house and trees in it
Susanne König TWIN PEAKS!!!!
a black bird sitting on top of a person's leg with trees and moon in the background
Susanne Konig Raven tattoo
a dog with a barrel tattoo on his leg is holding something in it's mouth
Susanne König @suflanda Instagram photos | Websta
a black and white tattoo of a mermaid holding a rose
"Favorite creature on a wonderful Dutch girl! Thank you Sophie!"
a black and white photo of a fox with newspaper on it's back leg
Susanne Konig fox