sangat suka fesyen, tapi aurat mesti terjaga. tudung paras bawah dada, pakaian tidak ketat serta stokin selalu ada :D satu lagi aurat lengan.pakai handsock pasti terjaga.

Hijab Fashion Hijab Hijab Fashion Sélection de looks…

Bits And Pieces: Another Hijab tutorial

Bits And Pieces Hijab tutorial

hijab tutorial

Many folds Hijab style tutorial

#hijab #tutorial

8 Tutorial Hijab Can You Try Without Using Many Needles

Looks almost similar to the one before.. Bt something is different... Hmmm

Hijab tutorial - a flowy look with volume. Will require 3 pins and can also be achieved with a shorter length scarf.

Tutorial Kreasi Pashmina Cantik With Headband - Dorie Shop

Tutorial Kreasi Pashmina Cantik With Headband - Dorie Shop even without the head band, nice wrap!

Hijab tutorial

Glam Hijab Tutorial in 5 Steps

Hijab tutorial

How to Wear a Hijab Fashionably Tricks]

Gorgeous Hijab Tutorial For This Season

Simple and easy hijab style.

cute tutorial! looks nice when u try by ur own and it covers ur chest well. subhanallah

moonhmz: “ a simple sketch on how I usually wear my hijab. I like it long, especially in the front :) ” 1000 notes! OMG you guyss! My first sketch to reach 1000 notes is this simple sketch of a ‘hijab tutorial’.