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a close up view of a piece of cloth with beads in the shape of an eye
Særligt tilbud på broderiworkshop | Karen Marie
the inside of a black bowl with white dots on it's surface and light coming from behind
Christine Mauersberger
Christine Mauersberger
the fabric has been stitched together and is blue with white circles on it's edges
an image of some red stickers on a black surface
a close up of a piece of cloth with circles on it
a close up of a piece of art made out of yarn and fabric with beads on it
a piece of cloth with silver sequins on it and a black circle in the middle
three different pieces of fabric with white and black designs on them, one has a circle in the middle
a piece of white cloth with black tassels is laying on a wooden surface
運針の練習でタオルサイズのさらしに直線で刺したものに自作のタッセルをつけました。2021.08.08 #刺し子 #運針 #タッセル #sashiko