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two wooden chairs sitting on top of a balcony next to a table and potted plants
a blue and white striped awning over a patio with potted plants on it
a table and chairs on a wooden deck with flowers in the pots next to it
a drawing of a bamboo curtain on a balcony
the balcony is clean and ready for us to use
New Home
a red and yellow light hanging from the side of a wall next to a white wall
Vibeke Fonnesberg Schmidt creates plexiglass wall light
Each Wall Light layer presents a different transparency, colour and shape.
three circular lights hanging from the ceiling in different shades of grey, orange and pink
Contemporary Pendant Lamp Suprematic Three CS1 by NOOM in Copper, Painted Steel
two wooden planters sitting next to each other
Small Wood Projects - How To Find The Best Woodworking Project For Beginners
the plans for a bench are shown in three different views, including one with wood slats
4 DIY Outdoor Bench Plans (FREE) for a Modern Garden Under $45