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u are an actual 🐐
Like a dog with a ton of tennis balls.
the hockey players are holding up their trophies
u are an actual 🐐
two men standing next to each other in front of a store window holding shopping bags
Palace Grill (@Palace_Grill)
Glad to see Kaner's eating well while injured. Hurry back PK!! (The Palace Grill)
a man in a black chicago black hawks hoodie is holding up a white card
1000th career point
an advertisement for the hockey team called kanee 100 career points, featuring players from both teams
an image of a hockey player with the words career nil points on his face
a hockey game is being played on an ice rink with many fans in the stands
a man in a black chicago black hawks hoodie holding up a card
a red poster with the words it's been done before and it can be done again, let's go hawks
The Heckler
several men sitting on seats in an airplane and one man is holding a water bottle
two hockey players congratulate each other in front of an audience at a game
Sweet Serendipity