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I think that it's fair because the people who colonize is teaching the smaller children something even though there's a children who's holding the board.

"Roma Madre Di Civilta" (Rome Mother of Civilizations). Italian Fascist propaganda ca.

This is just not fair. European colonization isn't fair there's even a women there! If they move a little bit they'll die.

Indigenous people slave during rubber trade, the boom resulted in a large expansion of European colonization in the area, attracting immigrant workers, generating wealth and "causing cultural and social transformations".

I disagree with this. A british man who colonized India asked a Indian women who weight less rather than the british man because the British man think that he's better than the Indian woman!

In case anyone was in doubt about the true nature of colonialism. Bengali colonial woman carries a British merchant on her back. India, 1903 via ‏