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Three Legendary Sannin

Naruto ch 153 original art by Masashi Kishimoto coloring by me Three Legendary Sannin Tsunade Orochimaru Jiraiya lineart Three Legendary Sannin


Anime Fantasy, Jr, Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke, Ninja, Board, Ninjas

Can I just take a moment to say how beautiful this picture is? I literally started crying. The alliance, and the friendship, between Suna and Konoha. The friendship of Gaara and Naruto. The only thing is, I now have NO IDEA WHO THAT GIRL IS. I thought it was Matsuri, but her hairs darker. I decided to ignore that. Maybe her hair just became lighter. But this woman's eyes. Her eyes are blue-grey. MATSURIS EYES ARE BLACK. I really wanna know who she is :( - Caitlin, @caitr06

* There are errors with the translation * And do not forget to visit my group PLEASE! Naruto stuff and Gaara © Masashi Kishimoto Nezumi, Hikaru, Hinode ©.