Our Vintage Finds

We're always thrifting and junkin'...these are just some of the treasures we've collected along the way....
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there are two bottles on the table next to each other
Antique candy boxes from Paris. #Paris #France #bonbons #candy #vintage #box #packaging
three wooden spoons with numbers on them sitting on a table next to a vase
Vintage auction paddles, ebay find. #salvagesisters
a large metal letter sitting in the grass
Stainless steel 'R'
there is a sign hanging on the wall
Flea market score... old boat sign made of rubber
four white lamps sitting on top of a wooden table
Yard sale score. #kidyounot
a sign that says good office hanging on the wall next to a table with a figurine
Vintage tin sign
a sign that says flat to let apply within wal2370 on the side of a couch
Tin and wood, devine
a silver cup sitting on top of a table next to other cups and saucers
We love loving cups!