Tambah karikatur bisa tetap OK kan?

I like the unique long-multi fold of this invite. traditional size that turns into a flyer-style card Fold-out custom illustrated invite for a seaside Italy wedding. Shhh My Darling.

Putih dengan motif lawas di amplopnya

My wedding obsession began long, long ago, before I even dreamt of walking down the aisle. It started with some stylish stationery and me falling head over heel

Motif abstrak juga keren nih

Rather than choose the "expected and boring" nautical theme, this chic couple decided to make their wedding about the venue's natural beauty "using tans, light water colors, beach woods, and pearlesce.

Aksen biru seperti gradasi air laut yang menenangkan

NEW Jessalyn Watercolor Beach Wedding Invitation Sample - Aqua and Blue Watercolor Beach Destination Wedding Invitation