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the words god asked her to wait, so she asked him for strength on a gray background
a white background with the words, one of the coolest things about god is that even a no from him has goodness written all over it
a white background with the words not a soul in this world can take what's meant for you god's thing is always right
a poem written in black and white with the words pray before you respond, pray before you
the ten ways to love written in black ink
Real, Beautiful, True, Awesome, Hope
an image with the words i want to look back at the end of this year and say
a white background with the words father forgive me for the times i craved a place at a table you would have flipped
an image with the words she got up with fire in her eyes and dedicated god's word over her situation, and she said she will keep declaring the word
someones joke about what i'd do if i had one day left to live eat junk, go crazy, etc today it hit me jesus knew and he washed feet
Jesus washed feet // John 13:14