The making of Kasut Manek - Nonya Beaded Shoes - used to be one of those dying crafts. But a new generation has rediscovered the joy and pleasure in creating these beautiful shoes, many of which are works of art in their own right.

Hmm - food for though - if the cobbler can make the uppers and I can sew them before he puts them onto the soles - I could do a simpler versions of this :-) Singapore Peranakan shoes

Wanton Mee

Singapore Noodles Does Not Exist In Singapore

Singapore - Char Siew Mee ( BBQ roasted pork with fine yellow noodles ) - great for breakfast / lunch .

Bar Chor Mee

There's pasta, there's ramen, in Singapore there's mee pok! Which basically means the flat yellow noodle you see here. I'm not a big fan, just cos it's not the healthiest thing to eat, but it is quite the trademark of Singapore. for various reasons.

Carrot cake

The chap that runs the carrot cake stall in the Zion Road hawker centre is partially deaf and takes most of his orders by pointing (in Eng.