What we should say instead of a simple Thank You, and the person who this is said to should reply with Ameen.

A beautiful dua for everyone. Do not say thanks but Jazak Allahu Khair, insha'Allah!

May Allah give us a heart that forgive others and May He also forgive us. Aameen✨

RepostBy "If you have been hurt, offended or disappointed learn to let it go and forgive them. It's no good to holding on to negative feelings which affect your own peace. May Allah give us a heart that forgive others and May He also forgive us.

If you knew the love Allah has for you, you would cry an endless ocean.

Love from you, Allah. Without this love and spirituality, no rule or cultural norm, or custom, could ever convince me to abide. I choose this life to reciprocate the love you have given me.

DesertRose•❤️•Qur'an Kareem,;, اللهم اجعل القران الكريم ربيع قلوبنا ونور صدورنا وجلاء أحزاننا وذهاب همومنا وشفاءنا من كل داء،،، اللهم آااامين وأجمعين،،،

in the creation of the heavens and the earth and the alternation of night and day there are indeed Signs for men of understanding.

DesertRose///Keep Calm and Believe in Allah

إِنَّ إِلَهَكُمْ لَوَاحِدٌ Truly, your god is truly One!" [Qur'an It is from our creator almighty Allah. Truly,Your Allah (God) is truly One .

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O Allah! Make my efforts worthy of appreciation, and my sins forgiven, my deeds accepted, my flaws concealed, O the best of those who Hear - AMEEN (INSHALLAH)