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Funny Somewhat Topical Ecard: Please cancel my subscription... I've had enough of your issues. Photography Quotes Funny, Yoga Meme, Yoga Humor, Laughter Medicine, Everyday Workout, Yoga Pictures, Yoga Quotes, My Yoga, How To Do Yoga


I'm sorry I just gave my last couple of fucks to the guy at the liquor store in exchange for this lovely bottle of vodka.

They remember spending time with you.  aww this is too cute Quotes For Kids, Great Quotes, Me Quotes, Inspirational Quotes, Quotable Quotes, Family Quotes, Random Quotes, Motivational, Parenting Hacks

That's why when our kids are with us they don't watch tv. Unfortunately one children get plopped in front of the TV while "mimi" or egg donor ignore the child. Children should be outside playing or doing something to help them.

I don't know why I laughed so hard at this. But we know why she works at mcdonalds

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As women who have struggled with infertility and now have children of our own, we know the truth of these statements.  You will walk out a different person, and I daresay, a better one.  So keep walking. Definitions, Great Quotes, Life Lessons, Success, Relationship, Haruki Murakami, Wise Words, Art Pieces, Favorite Quotes

It's a fight and you gotta fight

One of my favorite quotes. Definitely describes some key moments in my life. Trying to get through my own personal storm.

I get confused,maybe a snack and a nap will help.... Haha Funny, Hilarious, Funny Stuff, Funny Things, Funny Pics, Funny Work, Funny Videos, Random Things, Random Stuff

Haha so true. reminds me of my last job. I can remember comparing my tweenies drama with my own work drama. so sad !

"Everything is nothing, with a twist." - Kurt Vonnegut [526 X 518] - Imgur We Heart It, Captions, Optimism, Positivity

Carried Away

usually.....(and when not, it's an amazing change of pace).  Starting to try meditation again - but it's so hard with monkey-mind! Choprah would say to keep practicing, every day, several times a day - and then it gets easier to ignore the interrupting thoughts, the "to do" list addition. Funny Inspirational Quotes, New Quotes, Cute Quotes, Nice Sayings, Funny Sayings, Funny Memes, Best Funny Quotes Ever, Grades Quotes, Paleo Dinner

Popular Paleo is a labor of love. If I could physically feed everyone a delicious Paleo dinner at my table each night, I would do it in a heartbeat.

AND a big screen t.v., maybe The Funny, Funny Farm, Infp, Log Cabins, Haha, Cabin Fever, Solitude, Amen, All I Want

Go To Hell For Heaven's Sake

My hubby!All I want is a log cabin in the middle of nowhere. And wifi. Oh my - how many times have I talked about this?

I definitely got the message- loud and clear! True Quotes, Quotable Quotes, Words Quotes, Funny Quotes, Wise Words, Motivational Quotes, Sayings, People Quotes, Sign Quotes

Don't worry about people quotes quote quotes and sayings image quotes picture quotes They're ex's for a reason!

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The best faceswap…

This my favorite face swap, except for the time and I switched faces in Denver.