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Planting Your Terrarium:  Put an inch of pebbles in the bottom of the container. Add 2-3 inches of potting soil and tamp it down. Make a little hole in the soil with your finger, set your plant/plants in and tamp the soil firmly around it. Make sure no roots are exposed. Dampen the soil and you’re done. You can add decorative touches with different rocks or moss if you want. ≈≈ Water Plants, Cool Plants, Potted Plants, Water Garden, Indoor Plants, Garden Terrarium, Succulents Garden, Planting Flowers, Indoor Garden

These terrariums are great for low-cost decorating, they make great gifts and if you have children, this could be a fun project to do together.

there will be fresh herbs grown this summer! herbs: how to grow, use. Outdoor Pots, Modern Garden Design, Growing Herbs, Fresh Herbs, Herb Garden, Home And Garden, Celery, Beautiful Gardens, Gardening Tips

When you grow herbs; whether in your yard, outdoor pots, or in a sunny window, you can simply snip off what you need!

A Great Guide To Identifying Weeds…Yep, It’s That Time of Year Identifying Weeds, Reiki, Home And Garden, Blessed, Spiritual, Spirituality

A Great Guide To Identifying Weeds…Yep, It’s That Time of Year

Dollar Store Gardening…. Dollar Stores, Mori Girl, Planting Flowers, Fungi, Saving Money, Home And Garden, Mushrooms, Thrift Stores

Depending on where you live, it will soon be time to start planting flowers, herbs and vegetables.

Start With Seeds and Save Money on Vegetable and Herb Plants Herb Plants, Seed Starting, Planting Seeds, Saving Money, Food And Drink

I started planting seeds in the house in April and then transplanted them in May. I ended up saving tons of money by starting with seeds instead of buying the plants.

Easy Ways to Get Rid of (And Prevent) Mosquitoes Mosquitoes, Home And Garden, Bugs, Insects

Easy Ways to Get Rid of (And Prevent) Mosquitoes