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a pink teddy bear sitting on top of a table
Lacey Bourke Neskes on Instagram: "Bouncing bubbles are so much FUN! 🫧 🩷 Kindergarten teacher ideas resources activities inspo elementary school classroom #teacher #teachersofinstagram #teachersofig #iteachk #iteachtoo #iteach #classroomsetup #classroomideas #classroompinspirations #teacherinspiration #teacherideas #watchmeteach"
How to dye pasta for sensory play!
a bottle of liquid sitting on top of a metal table next to a woman's hand
Laundry Detergent Slime
This is how to make laundry detergent slime at home with only 2 ingredients! Easy goo recipe without borax that can be made with glue and color you like. #laundry #detergent #slime #easy #recipe
a close up of a pink substance on a blue surface with the tide logo in the background
DIY: PINK Glitter TIDE SLIME! Only 2 Ingredients: Glue + Laundry Detergent = BEST SLIME EVER!
DIY: PINK Glitter TIDE SLIME! Only 2 Ingredients: Glue + Laundry Detergent = BEST SLIME EVER! - YouTube
an advertisement for butter slime with three different colors on the front and back of it
Soft and Stretchy Butter Slime Recipe - A Little Moore
Soft and stretchy butter slime recipe
the ingredients for this recipe are labeled in red, white and pink colors on top of each other
The Play Dough that Launched a Craft Book for Kids!
Playdough Recipes Five Ways
three pictures showing different stages of how to paint a metal bucket with flowers in it
Aging GALVANIZED METAL with...Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner! douse the bucket in the cleaner, set it out in the sun & an hour & a half later (after washing it off, of course)
a glass jar filled with blue liquid on top of a purple table cloth next to a white teapot
Julia Weber: Homemade Wood Stains
Leave pennies in vinegar for a week and get a lovely Caribbean blue wood stain
a group of colorful rocks with faces drawn on them and the caption says, we don't send a lot of email when we do it
Wacky Sacks - Make Your Own Stress Ball
WACKY SACKS TUTORIAL - kids love making + playing with these!
four different types of candy on a white surface
No Cook Playdough Recipie
No Cook Playdough Recipie
a recipe card with instructions for how to make salt dough
Awesome recipe... Salt Dough
old rusty keys and wrenches are on the table -&nbsplucydesignsonline Resources and Information.
How to Rust Metal - easy process uses vinegar, salt and peroxide to get this rusty, aged look - via Lucy Designs Online
two people are playing with soap bubbles in the grass and one person is holding a dog
6 c water..1c caro syrup..2c reg jou dishsoap
a child is playing with glow in the dark hands and yellow stars on their fingers
All Natural Glowing Playdough
All Natural recipe for Glowing Playdough - made with ingredients you can pick up from your grocery store and it lasts for 4-6 months! From Fun at Home with Kids