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Voronoi in bubbles. I love the organic nature of this. bubbles, skin, leaves, dragonfly wings. nature not data. Organic Structure, Organic Form, Organic Shapes, Natural Structures, Cell Structure, Organic Patterns, Patterns In Nature, Color Patterns, Textures Patterns

bubbles - the shapes in this could be used as a texture or design for on or within a counter, even incorporating the transparent nature of them

Natural texture of honey comb with wax. I know they are sextons but close enough to circles and the pattern is so beautiful Geometric Patterns, Color Patterns, Textures Patterns, Print Patterns, Art Texture, Texture Design, Natural Texture, Natural Forms, Surface Design

this pin shows a natural texture of honey comb with wax. they are sextons but close enough to circles and the pattern is so beautiful. and this texture is very useful in our life.

~TEALTHRILLTURQUOISESPILL~ Natural Texture, Natural Forms, Pink Texture, Sea Texture, Natural Structures, Photo Texture, Visual Texture, Patterns In Nature, Textures Patterns

house of falling leaves

the ancient dream of the octopus. Nature forms, live octopus, beside color, pink color, octopus tentacles

|WSSS|RSCHN| Pattern Art, Color Patterns, Print Patterns, Textures Patterns, Nature Pattern, Shape Patterns, Pattern Design, Texture Art, Textile Texture

| A N O M A L I E N |

Look to this pictures in differents ways and inspired yourself to create your own bespoke rug! This album is full of photos with perspectives, dimensions and colours. Get lost in Pattern Design Album.

daughters of simone Patterns In Nature, Textures Patterns, Dragonfly Wings, Insect Wings, Butterfly Wings, Motifs Animal, Natural World, Beetle, Reptiles

♈ Dragonfly Versailles ♈ dragonflies in art, photography, jewelry, crafts, home & garden decor - Dragonfly Wings

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