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A girl on the band bus ended up loudly discussing how socially acceptable it was to say stuff like “nut and bolt” as opposed to “ejaculate and evacuate”

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I Waste So Much Time

Glass prisons…Of course they're good ideas! Silence of the Lambs/Lector, Magneto Avengers/Loki, Star Trek/John Harrison(Khan) (Benedict Cumberbatch!

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Like when your best friend's husband falls out of a boat & 2 kids try to pull him back in but eventually give up & you can't stop laughing for hours?? Yeah.....

кαуℓα♕ ↠ιf уσυ fσℓℓσω мє ι'ℓℓ вє уσυя яαιивσω αи∂ уσυ cαи вє му ρσт σf gσℓ∂.↞ Laugh Out Loud, Periodic Table, Periodic Table Chart, Periotic Table

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except when it's a divergent or hunger games or fault in our stars ad...then I sit and watch the whole thing :)

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"How come I can relate to most every teenager post? im not a "teenager" Litlle bit younger than that, actually -. EXACTLY what I would have put,

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Jamie Halloran

Teenager Post - If Olive Garden breadsticks haven't made a positive impact on your life, then I don't believe you are living life.

Carlisle, this reminds me sooo much of you

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In music today it started raining really heavily and every one all at the same time (no kidding) turned their heads towards te window like WOW IT'S RAINING<<< my classmates start screaming

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It's funny, cuz it's true! I've done it. probably for too many times.Not just a teenager moment.

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