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Moai ~ monolithic human figures carved from rock on the Chilean Polynesian island of Easter Island between 1250 - 1500.  Almost all moai have overly large heads 3/5 the size of their bodies.   Production and transportation of the 887 statues are considered remarkable creative and physical feats. The tallest moai was almost 30 ft high, weighed 82 tons. Easter Island Statues, Volcanic Rock, Archaeology, Beautiful Things

Moai statues on Easter Island, Chile (by Phil...

Easter Island Statues with Hats- It's one thing to erect a giant statue weighing up 70 tons,and quite another to place rock hats on top of the statues heads.The hats are red volcanic rock weighing several tons called Pukao.

Easter island heads have full bodies! http://www.lonelyplanet.com/chile/rapa-nui-easter-island Ancient Ruins, Ancient Mysteries, Ancient History, Easter Island Moai, Easter Island Statues, Head Statue, Chili, Stone Statues, Der Ganzen Welt

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Easter Island is a Polynesian island in the southeastern Pacific Ocean, at the southeasternmost point of the Polynesian Triangle. A special territory of Chile that was annexed in In recent times the island has served as a warning of the cultural and

It was recently discovered (2012) that the Easter Island 'heads' actually had bodies attached to them, that had been burried over time. Easter Island, Tolle Bilder, Statues, Ancient Aliens, Anthropology, Fun Facts, Bizarre, Laugh Out Loud, The Funny

Easter Island statues, discovery of bodies.There are more than 800 statues on this tiny island.

Easter island heads have bodies. Ancient Aliens, Ancient History, Head Statue, Easter Island Statues, Interesting History, Mystery Of History, Ruins, Ancient Artifacts, Ancient Civilizations

Images of Easter Island Statues With Bodies—Who Knew? There is more to the iconic Easter Island heads than meets the eye. Sarah Cascone, May courtesy the Easter Island Statue Project.

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CHILE ~Easter Island~ On Easter Sunday Captain Jakob Roggewegen came across an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, the first European to visit this isolated part of the world. On his nautical map, he gave the place a name: Easter Island.

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Moai, or mo‘ai, are monolithic human figures carved by the Rapa Nui people from rock on the Chilean Polynesian island of Easter Island, Chili between the years 1250 and

Rapa Nui, Easter Island. Said to be one of the quietest places on earth. I like to pretend that I'm there when I need a mental break. One day I will be for real, maybe with you. Mental Break, Ostriches, Easter Island, Amazing Facts, Mind Blown, Anthropology, Great Places, Places To Go, Beautiful Places

Said to be one of the quietest places on earth. I like to pretend that I'm there when I need a mental break.

Do the Easter Island Heads Really Have Bodies? | Easter Island Statues | LiveScience Ancient Ruins, Ancient Artifacts, Ancient History, Easter Island Statues, Mystery Of History, Interesting History, Ancient Civilizations, Archaeology, Antiquities

Do the Easter Island Heads Really Have Bodies?

The back of an Easter Island Statue displaying petroglyphs of unknown origin exposed by excavation. So, since only the head sof these statues were visible until excavations started, who carved them and why were they buried?