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two different pictures with the same person in front of them, one has his hand on his head
an image of dragon ball texting with the caption that says mom, can i go see my gf? but why
four different types of papers stacked on top of each other with the same image in them
several stacks of books stacked on top of each other
two pictures of a man drinking from a bottle and another with the caption tom takes off his shirt me
an image of a dinosaur that is in the middle of a joke for someone to say
a man in a suit with the caption that reads, when ur friend's parent is giving them a lecture & just standing there like
people i want to marry pie chart
Rumple and Bobby Carlyle. This is accurate. (We can just bypass the fact we're both already married.)
three white wolfs are talking to each other on their cell phones with text bubbles above them
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