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Learn everything you need to know about selling your homemade goods online and in-person. Build an online store as beautiful as your products and start selling today.

10 Ways To Attract Customers To Your Handmade Business - Using Psychology | Craft Maker Pro | Inventory and Pricing Craft Software

How do you attract customers? Most of you would say that in order to attract customers, one should have good products, exceptional customer service, good market


What e-commerce often loses out on is the human connection! Reach out to your customers, give a face to your brand! A little old-fashioned handwritten note goes a long way in brand building. Couple it with fierce marketing in the same stream, and a store that is true to who you are will emerge!

The true cost of selling your handmade products

Pricing your handmade products is really, really hard. Not only do you have to include factors like your overhead and material costs, you also have to set a price point that your customers will buy…

How to Price Items on eBay

Read our step-by-step guide on How to Price Items on eBay to make your pricing competitive yet profitable so you can start selling and make extra cash!

11 Ways to Know its Vintage by Labels & Tags

Hello and happy Wednesday everyone! ;-) Yes, that picture above is the mecca of all thrifting meccas … the GOODWILL OUTLET in Queens, New York, where finding a fabulous piece takes some serious digging and a critical eye to separate the treasure from the trash. Defining what true “treasure” is remains up to you — […]

FREE Reseller Spreadsheet for Inventory (Ebay Poshmark) -

If you're looking for a way to keep track of your ebay, poshmark or mercari inventory this spreadsheet will help you keep your reseller business organized.

25 Best Things To Sell Online (Make $100 a Day Guaranteed)

Do you know, you can make money simply selling things? In here, I've got the perfect list of 25 best things to sell online to make $100 a day everyday!

How to Make Money on Ebay Faster

What does it mean to sell long tail items on eBay? What kind of space do you need for long time items? How long does it really take to sell long tail items? Can you make profit on long tail items? Come on in, and buckle up, lets dive into these issues and see if …

Side Hustle Do's and Don'ts

How to find the best direct sales, network marketing, multi-level marketing, mlm business opportunity. How to make extra income from home. How to start a direct sales business. How to join Norwex as a consultant. How to become a Norwex consultant. I want to join Norwex. Where can I buy Norwex. Norwex consultant near me.…

Beginner Guide to Selling Shoes Online: 23 Tips for Making Money

Learning to sell used shoes is one way to create a profitable online selling income stream. Here are 23 easy tips to start selling shoes online.

Reseller Planner for Ebay, Poshmark, Mercari and Etsy Sellers

**Get lifetime updates! I'll release a new planner each year and you only pay this one time!** Updated for 2021! :) The flip through video shows 2019, but it's the exact same just with 2021 dates and a slightly different style (still black and white). Keep your reselling business organized with the Reseller Binder! Use the Reseller Planner you can keep everything in one place so that you can stay organized and stop wasting time juggling stacks of papers and spreadsheets. Build your binder by…

20 Best Items to Resell for Profit [Easy Way to Make Money] - SmartCentsMom

Best items to resell for profit and start a thrift store flipping business. You will find a current list of EASY things to buy and sell to make money online.

Sell Stuff Online Easily

Learn how to sell clutter for extra money to pay off debt, build your emergency fund or make ends meet on a tight budget. This is the simplest low effort way to sell large amounts of low value clutter and actually make cash without wasting your time.

I Need Money Now: 19 Quick Ways to Make Money Today

Need money now but have not idea where to get it? Get this list of 19 ways to make money today quickly, when you desperately need it. Get quick cash now!

Online Shop Printable Planner Boutique Planner Reseller | Etsy

Boutique Planner, Online Business Planner, Small Business Planner ★ ITEM IS AN INSTANT DOWNLOAD FOR YOU TO PRINT. NOTHING WILL BE MAILED TO YOU. ★ Manage your boutique efficiently with these easy to use printables! Kit includes 33 pages of templates for you to create your very own Online Shop