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Spiders out of control… || saw this in (I think?) my college psychology text and often think of it re: caffeine addiction.  Still drink my coffee though. :)

In 1995 a group of NASA scientists studied the effects of various legal & illegal drugs on house spiders, specifically on the way they weave their webs. The spider high on marijuana did an ok job weaving, but then got bored/distracted & didn’t finish.

This Is What Your Emotions Look Like

Emotions heatmap People drew maps of body locations where they feel basic emotions (top row) and more complex ones (bottom row). Hot colors show regions that people say are stimulated during the emotion.

Tears under a microscope. This is very interesting. I don't know if I have cried years of change, but I find this very fascinating.

fannytwaddle: blazepress: These are pictures of different dried human tears. Grief, laughter, onion and change. Each type has a different chemical makeup which makes them appear different. This is sick

17 Psychological Tricks To Make People Like You Immediately | IFLScience

Most friendships develop so naturally that you don't even realize how or when they started. Sometimes, though, you want to make an effort to befriend a