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Meditation App Statistics infographic

Unhooking the Drama: Meditation App Statistics To Know in 2020

Description: Here’s a collection of meditation app facts and statistics that will make you more interested and set reasonable expectations from this market.

Tiktok statistics infographics

12 Truly Fascinating TikTok Statistics 2020

We netizens have truly embraced the digital shift. These days, we associate ourselves with words like ‘digital’ and ‘smart’ more than ever. With ease of access almost everywhere, we can’t really ignore the world that […]

How to Start a Cannabis Delivery Business in USA

How to Start a Cannabis Delivery Business in USA

Everything is better with a bag of weed. When Brian and Stewie from Family Guy sang and danced to the tune of everything is better with a bag of cannabis, little did they know that […]

Benefits of Mobile App Localization for Android and iphones

How to do Mobile App Localisation to Increase its Conversion Rate by 200%

Developing an app is just one part of the process. Making it reach and be usable to the global audience is an altogether different ball game. Most often than not, an app always surpasses and […]

design differences between Android and iOS

Android vs iOS: 14 Must-Know App Design Differences {Infographic}

While comparing Android vs iOS app design, you’ll see several differences such as the navigation patterns, placement of CTAs, etc. So, let's discuss them in detail.

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Future of Mobile Commerce: Stats & Trends to Know in 2020-2025

From omnichannel experience to proximity marketing and voice search, get acquainted with everything that will shape the future of mobile commerce in 2020-2025 here.

Cost to Make an App in 2020 infographic

How Much Does It Cost to Make an App | App Development Cost | Appinventiv

Wondering, how much does it cost to create an app for ios and android? It depends on various factors that measure your app development cost. Find out what they are.

Explained: What are Stablecoins - The Holy Grail of Fintech

Explained: What are Stablecoins - The Holy Grail of Fintech

The cryptocurrencies like stablecoins are not volatile in nature. They are designed to stabilize the price fluctuations in crypto prices. Know more in detail.

infographic-mobile app trends 2020
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15 Striking Mobile App Trends That Will Rule 2020 {Infographic}

It has been a little more than a decade since mobile apps were introduced in the world. And in these 10 something years, they have changed how the world works. The phenomenon that mobile apps […]

What is Blockchain

Blockchain: The Fundamentals of Decentralization {Infographic}

What started as an anonymous invention, Blockchain has today become one of the most disruptive technologies that the world is starting at. The technology today, has grown leaps and bounds to become the top technology […]

How to Start a Cannabis Delivery Business in USA

Everything is better with a bag of weed. When Brian and Stewie from Family Guy sang and danced to the tune of everything is better with a bag of cannabis, little did they know that […]

Project Managers vs Product Managers: Difference, Roles & Challen

How is Project and Product Manager Different From Each Other

Product manager vs project manager― Two slightly but significantly distinct elements of the organizations. Read on to know their roles, responsibilities and challenges.

This infographic shows the stats for meditation market. How many people using the digital platform for meditation. Meditation is almost as popular as Yoga in the US. This also shows the value of the Meditation Market.   #meditation #headspace #app #appcost #market

How Much Does It Cost To Make An App Like Headspace?

The MVP estimate of Headspace like app development cost which lies in the range of USD 170K to USD 193K is dependent on a series of features explained in detail in this article.

This infographic is a quick recap of blockchain technology and the features of blockchain technology. As now the Blockchain in Real Estate is helping in mitigation of existing challenges to help stakeholders enjoy better opportunities. But, is it worth investing in? Is the Technology Taking Industry to the Next Level?
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How Adoption of Blockchain in Real Estate Changing the Scenario?

Blockchain is proven to hold the potential to revamp every business vertical. The technology has given a clear indication that it has various applications beyond cryptocurrencies and can be the right weapon to tackle the […]

As we know the primary goal of any business is to increase its sale and increase its growth of the business Here in this infographic you will get the summary of why UI/UX is important for the app development process and to tips to improves your UX/UI.
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How Important is UI UX Design in an App Development Process?

Understanding the importance of UI/UX design is what sets the foundation of a successful mobile app. In this article, we take you back to the basics.

If there is one thing common between Uber, Facebook, and Snapchat it is the fact that they are losing on their active user count and engagement rate. And the brand that they are losing out to is one that has become inescapable and a major revolution of the entertainment world – TikTok. If you want t to know more about tik tok like alternative and what features an app should have Here this infographic can explain you

How Much Does it cost to create TikTok Like Mobile App?

The cost of TikTok like app lies in the range of $80k to $100k (If looking at the set of MVP features) Know the factors that go into deciding the cost range.