Who is the character? What does the character want more than anything? And how can I prevent them from getting it?

how to kill your readers 101 If you've read my wattpad book, Wrong Number, (-mintaesthetic is my user), I killed my readers so many times lmao sorry not sorry

Writing prompt


"I'm The Doctor, bitch." You say as you lean the chair back, throw your feet up on the table, and your hands behind your head. "No you're not, you're not even a companion. We've contacted him." You nearly fall to the floor out of shock.

Sirens vs mermaida

So, would Corbusier (the architect who supposedly died at sea because he went for a morning swim in the oven and never came back) come back as a merperson?

His eyes spoke of many years in war. Dull and tired, the light was sucked right from them. They were bloodshot from his tears, and creases formed under them.

ok but reader have u ever consider that it's fun to describe the characters eye color in detail for the writer, no? ok>>>>This post is great for writers and readers although I have to agree with the above commenter.describing eye color is so fun!



Gun terms for writers

Gun terms for writers lol, my dad is a gun smith, so I just found this to be a nice refresher course, but it's still really good information for writers!<<< Same, I already knew most of the terms but this was still good for books and stuff