Did they just throw Dan into the Emo Trinity?<<also we need tøp in there too!

i've gone too deep into the phandom

You know you're addicted to Danisnotonfire & AmazingPhil if you can hear Dan Howell saying that sentence above.

And here you see a wild Howell in his natural habitat. look at the hair, what a majestic creature.

Ambassador for mental health I'm so PROUD OF HIM<<< I love this article but I wish they had said he had done these things w Phil <<< Exactly, Phil deserves credit too for what he did.

I saw this picture once on la news article or something and I looked at the crowd and freaking found them in like 1.02 seconds and now I see this and it makes me happy someone else is as weird as me.

the phandom should work for the freaking FBI, shit fam you all right

Phan Daniel Howell danisnotonfire Amazing Phil

What are you doing Phil what why okay stop summoning the crab God Dan is busy being hawt okay you have to be adorable to make some ovaries explode no? Okay well carry on with your crab God ritual I hope you find the octopus of truth

UK on Stage

’ And then 2 second later like ‘wait nonono don’t take that wait stop’

This is the most adorable thing I've seen all day Phil is so precious

This is the most adorable thing I've seen all day Phil is so precious<<< Ikr?

im gone

Okay, I literally sobbed because of this. Their friendship is so beautiful and perfect. Like seriously. I found my true best friend when I was though. This is definitely friendship goals.