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Brenda Yudhistira

Brenda Yudhistira
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Girl truths: If someone treats you like shit, just remember that there is something wrong with them. Normal people don't go around destroying other human beings.

Oh wow look it's my life

True,You cant change anyone,just live your own life. Imagine the time it has finally taken to realize this in our Life and, Live it or give it our, Best Shot !


'I fall. I rise. I make mistakes, I live, I learn, I've been hurt, but I'm alive. I'm human and I'm not perfect but I'm thankful.' This is true! No one is perfect. We all make mistakes!

Walking in Storms

Do not judge you don’t know what storm I’ve asked her to walk through.

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NO REGRETS! Always tell someone how you feel, because opportunities are lost in the blink of an eye, but regrets can last a lifetime.

How it should be.

A picture of Godly marriage and how true submission is beautiful.

Yes it is ..

This is so true. Letting go feels amazing. Some people will never change, just let go and focus on your life. Focus on those who do love you.