Hendra Kurniawan

Hendra Kurniawan

Hendra Kurniawan
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Seriously! A Gold Bugatti

Funny pictures about World's Most Expensive Car. Oh, and cool pics about World's Most Expensive Car. Also, World's Most Expensive Car photos.

Looming effect in Aberdeen Scotland

Why Was There A Ship Floating In Mid-Air At A Golf Tournament? This is a picture from TV coverage of the Scottish Open golf tournament in Aberdeen that appears to show a large ship floating in the air above spectators& heads.

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You never know what's coming for you...

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.there was a brilliant movie poster that was better than the Star Wars movie it was about.

steve_jobs_in_wpap_by_setobuje-d3c77f0.png 566×800 pixels

Vector Illustration of Steve Jobs by Seto Buje I like this piece because it uses the technique vectors as well as acolyte of many different colours to make the piece look much more abstract

Comic Book Inspired Vector Artwork

Ever since I was a child I have been a fan of comic books. In October of I wrote a post titled: CG Artwork: Superheroes and Villains.