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cus cenul
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copier station

copier station Even without all the storage, we need a working copier suitable for heavy use!

240 SF Micro Apartment in NYC with Library and Loft Photo

Small Space bedroom interior design ideas - Interior design - Small-spaced apartments often have small rooms. If you have a small bedroom and you don't know how to design it in a manner that isn't crowded. Your room should

Star Wars Sarlacc Pit decals

Going to the toilet can be a pretty dull affair - but now some nifty Star Wars stickers promise to turn it into a 'galactic battle'. Robbie Rane has created a set of stickers which will turn your toilet into a sarlacc pit.

Arctic Trucks Toyota Hilux AT44 6x6 in Antarctic.

"Toyota North Pole Arctic Truck the Hilux the This is the version. As it’s considerably longer than the standard Hilux, it has a much higher load capacity, and with six 33 inch tyres, much more traction too.

vertical garden

French botanist Patrick Blanc is a pioneer in soil-free systems for growing gardens on indoor and outdoor load-bearing walls. Vertical gardens temper urban heat islands, improve air quality and insulate the building, reducing energy consumption.