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Why the Doctor didn't come back for Amy for 12 years - the whole course of history would change if he had been on time! HIS personal destiny would have changed if he had been on time! If Mels were to succeed in killing him at her younger age, then Rory an

Peter Capaldi *is* the doctor.

Thus proving that he's the perfect Doctor (not that I had any doubts): If he sees a big red threatening button that must never ever be pressed under any circumstances, he can't help himself.<<<<that is the most Doctor Who thing ever.

Alex on set of the Doctor Who series 9 Christmas Special

Alex on set of the Doctor Who series 9 Christmas Special hello sweetie

I love this picture of Missy and the doctor.

I love the Master as a woman.and totally hate the idea of the Doctor as one.

Billie Piper talks about Tennant

When Nine left, Rose was going to call it quits as well, but then she had a change of heart because she met Ten.

doctor who home! Aghhhhh! neeeeed!

It's bigger on the inside! Seriously too fun not to share. Since you are building your dream home, why not incorporate this awesome doorway into your movie, entertainment room or man cave? dream home ideas.