Enggie Angga Kusumah

Enggie Angga Kusumah

Jakarta - Indonesia / Pattisier and Chocolatier
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If you've ever seen (or eaten) space food, you'll know that most of it is pretty unappetizing. But as this list compiled by A&D proves, there's more to space food than freeze-dried packets of powdered ice-cream and weird tubes of semi liquids.

The title minimal really suits this concept design that an unknown designer by the name of Roderick (from Malta) submitted to Tokyoflash. by joytotheworld

In the #designer’s own words, there’s simply “not much to say about Circulo!” #Beautifully simple, the modern design presents a different way of telling time. The primary circle revolves around the greater space to indicate the hour while also revolving around itself to give the minutes with a small orange #dial. Hence its name! Next to the sundial, it’s time represented in its most reduced and familiar visual form! #Yankodesign #Watch #Watch

Religieuse caramel beurre salé "Best Of Christophe Michalak" Editions Alain Ducasse

La mousse au chocolat de Christophe Michalak !

Christophe Michalak

frankhaasnoot.png Trots op deze kunstenaar!

Frank Haasnoot