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Ferdy I. Rumagit
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Boeing F/A-XX (6th gen fighter) - expected to enter service in the United States Air Force and United States Navy in the 2025–30 timeframe...Mach 3-4 speed & Shoots Lasers!

Posted:Wed 10 Apr 2013 AM UTC, WASHINGTON - Boeing launched the latest version of the concept of the sixth-generation jet fighter F A-XX on exhibition at the Navy League's Sea-Air-Space in Washington this week.

IAR 111 "Excelsior" is a supersonic mothership project,[citation needed] designed by ARCA, intended to transport a rocket payload up to 18,000 m and for developing space tourism related technologies. The aircraft is to be constructed almost entirely from composite materials, and will be designed for take-off and landing from the sea surface.[citation needed] The first flight is scheduled for 2013.

NASA Advanced Aircraft - kinda cool looking but only because it is reminiscent of Concorde rip

The Lockheed Martin X-44 MANTA (Multi-Axis No-Tail Aircraft) was a conceptual aircraft design by Lockheed Martin that has been studied by NASA and the U.S. Air Force.

Multi Axis No Tail Aircraft. Derived from the Raptor. This aircraft was intended to test the feasibility of full yaw, pitch and roll control without horizontal or vertical tailplanes.

1978 General Dynamics F-16 'Fighting Falcon', 2005 Lockheed Martin F-22 'Raptor' et 1983 Lockheed Martin F-117 'Nighthawk'

General Dynamics Fighting Falcon, Lockheed Martin Raptor and Lockheed Nighthawk: Airplanes Jets Helicopters, Aviation, Military Aircraft, F Fighter Jets