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Fitriasma Kindra
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Matcha Lime Bars

Matcha Lime Bars with a pistachio and millet base and a little strawberry heart on top. Dessert bars for the win! (And these ones are gluten free…) Have a happy Valentine’s Day!

Matcha Green Tea Caramels

Honey matcha green tea caramels are my go-to choice for edible gifts. These matcha green tea caramels are inspired by Japan's sweet treats.

matcha green tea ruffle cake

Someone make this for my birthday, please! i heart baking!: matcha green tea ruffle cake - How Beautiful!

Daifuku with green tea creme- 抹茶生クリーム塩大福

Daifukumochi (大福餅), or Daifuku (大福) (literally "great luck"), is a Japanese confection consisting of a small round mochi (glutinous rice cake) stuffed with sweet filling, most commonly anko, sweetened red bean paste made from azuki beans.