Emanuel Satria Indrajati

Emanuel Satria Indrajati

Emanuel Satria Indrajati
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DNA Bullets Mark A Suspect For Easier Arrest

Marking your cards: The DNA gun that can invisibly tag criminals for weeks after a riot - Sounds good, as long as the officers using it are honorable.

Coil-over suspensions for inline skates. People do all kinds of cool stuff with springs.

so down to try these' Mercury Skate - rollerblades designed with an anti-shock system for a smoother ride on the pavement and to decrease skater fatigue. Improved ability to accelerate faster and gain higher speed. Line skates

iblazr – the first LED Flash for smartphones and tablets

iblazr – the first LED Flash for smartphones and tablets. Will this revolutionise the way you take photos with your iPhone? Or do you still prefer a digital camera?