Cactus en macetas personalizadas con pintura

Ideas para decorar interiores con cactus. Plantas de interiores.

DIY Plant Stand ideas - Got a corner of your house in need of a pick-me-up? Wouldn’t a plant be just perfect for that space?

Conservatory by decorology

// greenhouse I dream of a very cool green house where I can plant seeds, tend flowers, and also do arts and crafts.

How to Grow Air Plants - Love these air plants.  I can just pictue these hanging in my bathroom.

Skip the Dirt, Grow Air Plants

Kitchen window The perfect addition to your spring refresh are air plants - they have few requirements; air circulation, moisture through daily misting, monthly fertilizing, temps above 45 degrees.

This would make a gorgeous sunroom! Rustic living room with lots of hanging plants and pink sofa bench

Some good examples of poor vs. good layout of content. 90% of design is typography [infographic]

El 90% del diseño es tipografía #infografia #infographic #design

No matter how balanced and beautiful a layout is and how perfect the color choices turn out, a design can still be completely defiled with inferior typography. Useful tips for laying out good typography from the lead designer at Design Aglow.

House plants on crack ~ Look at that amazing green garden inside in the loft! Such a unique interior on this small studio.


Oh the plants. My dream kitchen will have lots of shelves for plants (and wheat grass & sprouts) and windows.loads of windows

Is Influencer Marketing the Future of Marketing (infographic)

Is Influencer Marketing the Future of Marketing (infographic)

Studies have revealed that there’s a good reason why so marketers and brands are flocking to influencers. Find out how influencer marketing impacts performance.

House in Moriyama

Moriyama House, Nagoya, Japan by Suppose Smart design modern floral japanese garden interior design is one of the wonderful modern garden interior idea for your pilot design, recent modern garden.