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Quotes and inspiration about Life QUOTATION - Image : As the quote says - Description 30 Life Quotes Which Express The True Thoughts We Often Feel - Trend

Well, you havent really posted quotes. So I guess that means something ha.

Me every night. My friends are asleep. My love is asleep. I am alone. Crying, shaking, completely a mess. No one can help me. I am a lost cause.<<< Nobody is a lost cause. Once you tell family then they can help you feel surrounded by love and not alone.

It hurts so much I don't want to be here anymore. I don't want to die because of you anymore. I just want the pain to end.

I don't cry anymore. The hurt has just become a numb feeling I've felt over and over again.

Top 30 sad Quotes #life quotes

Top 30 sad Quotes

I want to explain but can't find the words to say it. I dont want to worry, stress, depress ppl. But when I do share they don't knw how to handle it!

Writers write - Joanne Harris.

you write because you need to write, pr because you hope someone will listen or because writing will mend something broken inside you or bring something back to life Joanne Harris

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Faking a smile is so much easier than explaining why are you sad. Because if your sad it makes people's day a lot worse. Though sometimes you do have to share your sadness.

Introverts understand! by VarinaB. . . . oh...YESSSS ! how I relate to this  ;)

Social hangover, when interacting with people leaves you exhausted the next day, some ecards. by VarinaB. oh. how I relate to this ;

We used to talk for hours quotes photography night sad street depressed

I miss you. I feel in love with you! You were the only one that could make me laugh until tears stung my eyes. Now I never hear a word.

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The paint brush holder uses chicken wire. I like the idea of seeing all the paint brushes and all the paint, and not searching, searching!

Everyone says it will get better, but for the past year or so now... It's just gotten worse

It's too hard to go on with "life" without mom! Depression Grief Sadness Suicidal overwhelmed alone hopeless anxiety insomnia heartbroken broken heart suicide