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This Could Destroy Your Success - I’m not talking about a missing mission statement, poor sales or the inability to execute on decisions. These things (or lack of them) will definitely hurt your business, but they won’t be the fatal factor.

Melody Maker Special - Satin Yellow

Gibson Melody Maker Special - This sombitch is all tone from the streets and back alley ways.

KarnaTra-The Riffle (Official Music Video)

This is probably one of the most bizarre music video i ever made, hahaha. The concept were very simple, but i had so much fun doing the editing session.

Fender Blacktop Telecaster

New York City & Long Island Retail and Online Guitar Destination. Specializing in New, Used, Custom and Vintage Guitars.

MXR Phase 90 #guitar #effect

MXR Phase 90 #guitar #effect

Electro Harmonix POG2 Polyphonic Octave Generator

Electro Harmonix POG2 Polyphonic Octave Generator

Electro-Harmonix BIG MUFF

The Big Muff Distortion pedal is a wonderful mix of tone, sustain, and volume control wanted from a pedal. It can help give you large sustain, or change the tone of your lead, as well as acting as a booster pedal. Versatile in everyway!

Chris Shiflett Tele Deluxe

Chris Shiflett Tele Deluxe- wish list.

Explorer in Frost Blue

Gibson Explorer - ushering in the space age in the Very Rare Seafoam Green