Stephannie Adelinna

Stephannie Adelinna

Stephannie Adelinna
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This dog is special…

A dog named Faith. This woman is a saint for helping this sweet dog learn to thrive! Such a sweet favorite photos are Faith around this woman's neck and the guy kneeling down looking directly into his eyes! This story tugs at my heart strings.

May your coffee be strong & hot... and your Friday at work short.

Coffee is a very hot business and when it tastes great and promotes health you have a winning combination If you want a free sample just ask.

This dog will be a personal sofa when Dora the Explorer is on TV.

I pinned this because Great Danes are my favourite type of dog and when I am older I want to have one before I have a kid. I just love how big great Danes are compared are to babies and kids, also I love how they are such gentle dogs.