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Imagem de adventure time and princess bubblegum

princess bubblegum - adventure time // i would probs wear this outfit , if i was more adventurous with lighter colours

Who hasn't heard of the Disney Princesses? Girls from a young age become obsessed with these cultural icons and strive to achieve such perfection.

favorite disney princesses in order: jasmine, ariel, rapunzel, mulan, belle

"Disney Princess Prom" by keyaluvsfrank on Polyvore

These Disney Princess Prom dresses are gorgeous!

esta genial como dos princesas de cuentos diferentes con sus respectivos príncipes tiene los mismos diálogos a distintos tiempos 2 sucios ladrones que uno termina siendo muy dulce

Eugene VS Hans (as if that's a fight! Actually that'd be a hilarious fight now that I think about it.

Disney Princesses in Vogue: Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Pocahontas, Mulan, Tiana, and Rapunzel!

These utterly beautiful creations by Hayden Williams reimagined Disney Princesses gracing the cover of Vogue magazine. They all look so *fierce*! How cool is Ariel here? // More Disney Princesses Reimagined Here

they would get along so well. like telling each other stories from the ocean/land and singing about other worlds

“The ocean chose me for a reason” Credit Inst: nicolegrahamart

Disney Princesses dressed as other Disney Princesses - 9GAG

Omg, Disney should remake all their movies except with different characters and voices. I would soooo watch that.

disney highschool (part 1) - ©Nina-D-Lux (Connie-Faye Dyer)

disney highschool (part - ©Nina-D-Lux (Connie-Faye Dyer)

Disney princesses as ballerinas! If I have a little girl one day, these will go in frames in her bedroom!!

Ballerina princesses, these are very pretty except for the fact that ballerinas don't tie up pointe shoes like that!

Disney Princesses

In-Depth Analysis of 21 Disney Female Ladies SUPER interesting Disney Census