Inayah toha Ali

Inayah toha Ali

Inayah toha Ali
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Love rules

Love rules

Humanity in gaza..

Humanity in gaza.

Prophet from Muhammad SAW for moeslem people around the world

'Speak the truth even if it is against you, do good to peopl even if they harm you, and make relations with those who cut you off.' - Prophet Muhamma (peace be upon him)

Allah always knows everything.. just believe with ALLAH decision

Ibn Hazm: "What indicates a person’s weak religion and fear of God, is that he seeks for an opinion that suits his desire." (al-Ihkam 'Is this which is beloved to me haraam? Okay I'll jut find a shaykh who says its permissible!' Allaahu musta`an!

One of island in thousand island.. i forgot the name but i wont forget the memory..  #praisethegreatnessofgod

i forgot the name but i wont forget the memory.