My three-year-old cat spends most of her time lounging by the window. It faces the high branches of the tree outside our apartment, and she stares intently out at the rusty-red wood thrushes and brown house sparrows that perch there; her eyes dilating when the occasional squirrel rustles the branches.  moreinfo :

A Brief History of Traveling with Cats Fierce felines of history sailed the world, survived Europe's crusade against them and made it all the way to Memedom

On August 21, millions of Americans will gather to watch the moon pass over the sun in the first solar eclipse to take place over the US in 38 years.  Although the entire country, including Alaska and Hawaii, will experience a partial solar eclipse, only a few spots across America will experience a total eclipse.

On Wednesday, the moon will blot out the sun. The phenomenon will then be visible from the other side of the international date line on Tuesday.

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