Alhamdulillah for everything

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Islam is the instruction guide for humanity to live on earth it was sent from the best expert and the best creator ( allah )

“Study Islam from the right sources. Don't believe the mainstream media lies” Islam appreciates women more than any other religion nor person did or even will.

O Allah! Renew the imaan in my ❤️️. #Islam #Quotes

O Allah! Renew the imaan in my ❤️️. O Allah! Renouvele al imane ( la foie) dans mon coeur


“Do good and you instantly create good for yourself and others. Do good and you shape your mid, your brain, your connections to others, to the Earth… ”

Good words

ig: alliieebabee // Learn the Holy Quran Online from the well-being of your home. Our trained teachers bargain one on one class. We agreement several courses containing basic Quran

Allah Is your Protector, and He is the best of helpers. 3: 150. Aale Imran.

The Quran is the only book where the author loves the reader more than his or her own mother.

To all muslimahs

You can do so much even when you can't pray! - tips for women during their period Learn more @ The Ideal Muslimah