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Many times the attic room is overlooked when you run out of room in your home and need more storage space. Creating well-planned attic storage will help you reduce clutter. The attic storage space depends on a home's style and when it was built.

Homemade corn dogs for the 4th. of July -step-by-step. Kids LOVE these!!!! To get the recipe simply click on the picture which takes you to the link, next scroll down under the pictures and click on "Get the full step by step recipe here."   Enjoy!

EASY Homemade Corn Dogs [[This was my first time ever making corn dogs and I was pretty pleased with how they turned out. I cut the hot dogs in half to make mini corn dogs for a get together. Everyone loved them.

Renovated Stockholm apartment with crumbling brick and peeling plaster walls left exposed.

When Swedish architect Karin Matz discovered a small space in Stockholm, which for over 30 years had been used for furniture storage, she was instantly inspired to transform [the 36 sq m sq ft) space] into a multipurpose tiny home.