1girl black_ribbon blush brown_hair commentary_request cowboy_shot dripping green_skirt hair_bead hair_ornament hands_together highres kantai_collection kisaragi_(kantai_collection) long_hair looking_at_viewer open_mouth pentagon_(railgun_ky1206) plaid plaid_skirt red_eyes ribbon sailor_collar school_uniform shirt short_sleeves simple_background skirt solo standing sweat sweatdrop translation_request v_arms very_long_hair white_shirt yandere

black ribbon blush brown hair commentary request cowboy shot dripping green skirt hair bead hair ornament hands together highres kantai collection kisaragi (kantai collection) long hair looking at viewer open mouth pentagon (railgun plaid pla

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Kantai Kisaragi | Tags: Anime, Pixiv Id 10591980, Kantai Collection, Kisaragi (Kantai ...

That of Kisaragi . / Ne~i


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Kisaragi~Kancolle by Minami

Kantai Collection,KanColle,Anime,Аниме,Choukai (Kantai Collection),Maya (Kantai Collection),Kisaragi (Kantai Collection),Mutsuki (Kantai Collection),Murakumo (Kantai Collection)

brown eyes brown hair hair ornament kantai collection kisaragi (kantai collection) long hair looking at viewer nagineko peeking out remodel (kantai collection) school uniform serafuku simple background smile solo sweater transparent background

Tags: Kantai Collection, Kisaragi (Kantai Collection), Pixiv Id 14340273

1girl apron brown_hair bucket hair_ornament happy_valentine heart kantai_collection kisaragi_(kantai_collection) long_hair looking_at_viewer myuton one_eye_closed red_eyes school_uniform serafuku smile solo valentine

apron brown hair bucket hair ornament happy valentine heart kantai collection kisaragi (kantai collection) long hair looking at viewer myuton one eye closed red eyes school uniform serafuku smile solo valentine