Kristovorus Nguyễn Sørensen Doğuş

Kristovorus Nguyễn Sørensen Doğuş

New York, USA / Travel, Living, Cuisine, Design, Fashion, Arts, Photography enthusiast. Indie, Alternative, Folk, Contemporaries, Modern, Punk, Synth Lover.
Kristovorus Nguyễn Sørensen Doğuş
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STYLE TIP: Wearing an All black outfit can be elegant and make you stand out when done right, regardless of body type. For this look wear fitted black clothing. Match the shades of black between your suit, shirt and shoes.

jesseharding: thepinesaredancing: Distant peaks emerge from the clouds over the Harding Icefield, in Alaska’s Kenai Fjords National Park. My dad took me to Harding Icefield when I was little.

Qatar National Convention Centre / Arata Isozaki

Gigantic tree-like columns support the overhanging roof of the Qatar National Convention Centre by Japanese architect Arata Isozaki

Finnish Potato Flatbread.

Maria Laitinen serves up a Finnish flat bread traditionally made with oat, barley or potato. Say hello to "Rieska". I think I would make it with potatoes and brown rice flour with a flax egg to make it gluten free and egg free. looks yummy!

Interior brilliance

New York City-based studio Dean-Wolf Architects has completed the Inverted Warehouse-Townhouse project in This square foot five-story apartment (!) is located in a former warehouse townhouse in Tribeca, New York City, USA.