19 Hilarious Ways To Reply To A Text

I have a friend named Sarah. Not really a friend. But if we were texting It would be the other way around. I would say & need some space& and she would do the stupid part XD

prev.pinner:There are those who are being affected throughout the U.S. and the world by weather and other natural phenomenon so great that the media must report on these things despite being told to do otherwise.

Still Waiting For Mainstream Media To Report The TRUTH! (about so many things!

Hmmm...interesting!...........a little humor at what's true these days some days you have to laugh at the worst to deal with the negative always. There is always some one that will desire to bring you down why fight when you can turn it around with something that expresses I won't stoop to your level & laugh it off.

Sorry, I thought you were Muslim...

Great aspect of political cartoons to reflects Muslim media stereotype. This shows a man mistaking two people for Muslims due to the way they are dressed. The second frame shows that he classified the people wrong, therefore stereotyping them.

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