The Sukhoi "Super Flanker" has had a redisigned fuselage in composite anti radar materials. New max speed of at altitude claimed & at low altitude. Retractable in flight refuelling probe.The Super Flanker flight at Le Bourget - RP Defense

(China Daily Mail)- According to a report by Voice of Russia, China and Russia have concluded an export agreement for 100 fighter jets during t…

Tons of Countries Want to Buy Russia's Most Advanced Fighter Jet

There are many fighter jets brand that powerful countries has produced so but many people still wonder which is the fastest and powerful one. Many wars happened recently that make the demand of faster air travel in the war and commercial purposes.

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The is a maritime strike aircraft with a very long range. The long endurance of the type necessitates the inclusion of toilets and a cooking galley.

District spokesman Alexander Gordeev said Monday Russia’s Eastern Military District will receive its first batch of Sukhoi Fullback fighter-bombers this year.

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