A neat little neck trim. Good for a growing out pixie cut!

The Beauty Of Pixie Cut Short Haircuts Short Hair Back Shorts Haircuts Hair Cut Perfect Pixie Cu

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Trying new curling or braiding techniques, a fresh short haircut, or even some fun haircolor can be super energizing for your spring boredom boats to.


35 Best Pixie Haircut For 2015

Pixie Cut hairstyle isn't only trendy and gorgeous, but in addition keeps your look fresh and full of spirit. You will unquestionably love to wear this pixie cut hairstyle. What's more, you can complement this hairstyle with glasses to make an intriguing,


Love the hair! Sweat (shirt) Plume Milton top by French design studio Lein Boho. via et pourquoi pas Coline



Short shag - a cut that goes from short in front to longer in back

wanna give your hair a new look? Short shag hairstyles is a good choice for you. Here you will find some super sexy Short shag hairstyles, Find the best one for you,