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I have an unhealthy obsession over Pentatonix, not to mention obscure cartoons from the 00's. Oh, and Harry Potter, of course. And Sakura trees. Moons. Wow.
Luna 'Tuna'
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kevin olusola and avi kaplan - Google Search. Oh, Avriel. This is seriously the best one.

kevin olusola and avi kaplan is he sleeping?

Kevin vs. Avi #Sleepwars Scorecard | Updated January 2014 - looks like Kevin's winning. xD Too cute.

The Sleep Wars. If you don't know what this pin is about, I'm done with you.

Why must you hurt me this way

Harry Potter was saved by a mother's love more than once. Harry may not of had his mother but he had a lot of comfort from mother like figures. Whenever Harry needed comfort it was always from a mother figure.