Papua ethnic

Papua, New Guinea: Changed me forever. Stayed at the Wycliffe Bible Translators' compound in Ukarumpa & traveled the highlands & lowlands.

Dayak eastborneo

Long in the ears.woman from Dayak Kenyah tribe, East Kalimantan, Indonesia. Women with long earlobes in Dayak Kenyah tribe are considered noble and respectable, while nowadays the tradition is no longer common among the tribeswomen.

Badui - banten

The Baduy (or Badui), who call themselves Kanekes, are a traditional community living in the western part of the Indonesian province of Banten, near Rangkasbitung. Their population of between and is centered in the Kendeng mountains ,west Java.

Traditional ethnic dayak

A man from the tribe of Dayak is showing his skills in playing musical instruments dayak


An Asmat woodcarver. as of Regions with significant populations Asmat Regency of Papua Province, Indonesia. Also known as West Papua


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Mentawai boys

Aman Tetap is quite young to take on the heavy burden of becoming a shaman, but it is a choice made out of desperation. Tetap is sick with r.