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to interpret the Chest X Ray using a simple structured approach.How to interpret the Chest X Ray using a simple structured approach. The Human Body, Nursing Notes, Nursing Tips, Nursing Programs, Nursing Information, Family Nurse Practitioner, Nurse Anesthetist, Respiratory Therapy, Emergency Medicine

Chest X Ray Interpretation- Structured|Simple|Clear

A structured approach to interpretation of the Chest X Ray. This goes through the ABC approach to the chest x ray giving pointers to interpretation.

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What's On My iPhone: Best Apps for Internal Medicine - Three Thousand Miles

Today I'm sharing the best apps for internal medicine and how I use these apps during my day to day tasks while on the wards.

Documenting Levels of Consciousness Nursing – NCLEX Quiz – Trend Medical Nursing Assessment, Icu Nursing, Nursing Tips, Funny Nursing, Nursing Documentation, Study Nursing, Nursing Cheat Sheet, College Nursing, Travel Nursing

Documenting Levels of Consciousness Nursing The normal state of consciousness comprises either the state of wakefulness, awareness, or alertness in which most human beings function while not asleep or one of the recognized stages of normal sleep from which the person can be readily awakened

Difference between Arteries and Veins: Structure and Function of Blood Vessels - NCLEX Quiz Medical Facts, Medical Science, Nursing School Notes, Nursing Schools, Rn School, Medical School, Nurse Teaching, Critical Care Nursing, Cardiac Nursing

Difference between Arteries and Veins: Structure and Function of Blood Vessels The chief difference between arteries and veins is the job that they do. Arteries carry oxygenated blood away from the heart to the body, and veins carry oxygen-poor blood back from the body to the heart

Anatomy Image Organs: lateral ankle anatomy pain tendons injury posterior knee foot wrist Lateral Ankle Pain, Tendonitis In Ankle, Lateral Foot Anatomy Ankle Anatomy, Foot Anatomy, High Ankle Sprain, Ankle Pain, Ankle Sprain Recovery, Physical Therapy School, Physical Therapist, Ankle Ligaments, Student Nurse

A review of the ankle and foot (Part 1): Anatomy

In prep for my first week as a full-time employed physical therapist I started reviewing the ankle and foot... thank you Dutton for the all-encompassing reference. It might sound odd why I would chose the ankle out of all body parts to start. It's simple; referral source driven, like most things. So me being the young,…

Outstanding Home Remedies tips are available on our website. Read more about natural home remedies. Herbal Remedies, Health Remedies, Home Remedies, Natural Remedies, Flu Remedies, Sleep Remedies, Health And Nutrition, Health And Wellness, Health Care

What the colour of your urine and frequent urination can tell you about your health?

The color, frequent urination, density and smell of the human urine can reveal much about your health. The urine is the body’s waste in a liquid form, which is mainly made of water, salt and chemicals called uric acid and urea.

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Medical Basics - Medical Education Made Simple

Medical Basics - Shop medical supplies and tools - H&P Progress SOAP notebooks, Medical Reference Sheets ID Badge Cards