Kaya - this is the coconut jam spread I grew up with. Weekend mornings at the local coffee shop with toast, butter and kaya oozing from the sides. With some half boiled eggs and milo. That was life!

Kaya (Malaysian Coconut Egg Jam) - delicious jam made with coconut, eggs and caramel. Rich and aromatic jam which is perfect for toast and a cup of coffee.

Tofu, tempeh, and chicken shared many similar recipes in Indonesia, especially for deep frying. So if a recipe works well for one, it has a high probability that it will work for the other two. The best example for this is of course bacem, which you can use the same …

Tahu Goreng Lengkuas - Fried Tofu in Galangal

sate tempe skewers - Indonesian food

Tempeh skewers (sate tempe), Indonesian - tempeh is fermented soy in a cake form, usually sliced thinly and served with spicy sweet sauce, considered as healthy traditional food in the country

Indonesian Medan Food: Bapel ( Indonesian Style Waffle )

During my visit to Aceh, I have the opportunity to learn and see how to make this Indonesian waffle. Ibu Erna and the ladies kindly d.

Chicken Rendang Padang & Tumeric Glutinous Rice

Chicken rendang padang & tumeric glutinous rice

Medan Chicken Soup ( Soto Ayam Medan)

There are as many "sotos" as there are regions in Indonesia! This comforting, flavourful, gingery, curried chicken broth made wi.